What Popcorn Machine Size Do I Need?
One of the most commonly asked questions among new customers is - Which Popcorn Machine size do I need?

How do you know which popcorn machine size is right for you? When there are small, counter-type 6-8oz. machines and then there are the huge 22-32oz.monster kettles. How do you choose? Which one would produce just the right amount of popcorn for my use?

To help you assess your need, let me first tell you what popcorn machine size actually means.

What is a 3 minute popping cycle? And What does the Popcorn Machine size actually mean?

Ideally, to get maximum expansion from the popcorn and have the fewest unpopped kernels, you want as close to a 3 minute popping cycle as possible. Most of the popcorn machines we sell are engineered to pop on a 3 minute popping cycle, so you will get 20 popping batches per hour.

The kettle size of the machine refers to the single ounce servings it can produce in one popping cycle. For example, a 6 oz. popper will produce 6 times 20 or 120 one-ounce servings of popcorn per hour; an 8 oz. popper will produce 8 times 20 or 160 one-ounce servings of popcorn per hour.

Exactly how much popcorn is that?

A one ounce serving bag is 8" tall by 3"2? Figure out how many one ounce servings you will sell in one hour, maximum. Then divide that number by 16, and you will have your numbers. For example, if I needed 200 1 oz bags of popcorn in my maximum hour, 200 divided by 16 is 12.5, which means that I would need at least a 12 ounce machine and possibly might think about moving up to a 14 or 16 oz machine. On the other hand, if I only need 50 one ounce bags in my maximum hour, I would need just a 4oz machine.

Common mistake about making popcorn machine size choice

The most commonly made mistake about choosing a popcorn machine size is buying one that is too small. You certainly don't want your customer to be waiting around. You can figure out which size you need by the above formula.

Voltage Problem With Larger Size Poppers

One thing to note is that for larger popcorn machines i.e. 12oz or above, some of them requires a higher power to operate. Thus the electricity plug will not fit in a regular socket. Therefore please check to see if your location have the appropriate electricity requirement and also check to see if the machine requires a special type of socket.

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