Tips and Tricks of Selling Popcorn

When you go to a movie, what do you reach for? Popcorn! When you go to a ball game, whatís always around? Popcorn! What do millions of people just like you snack on when they're at home watching the news? Popcorn!

Popcorn is a popular, healthy, economical snack. Additionally, the popcorn industry is big business that will lift any concession business right into healthy profits. You can sell popcorn at just about any event you can think of, and make money while providing a healthy alternative to candy bars and chips. Simply purchase a popcorn machine, the corn kernels themselves, some accessories and you are ready to start selling!

Tips and Tricks of the Popcorn Trade

  • To keep your popcorn hot while it is housed in the holding area of your machine, choose a machine that has a heated corn deck. This deck can be heated through forced hot air or another heating element method. Keeping your popcorn warm will keep it fresh!
  • If you want to promote your popcorn as a healthy snack, choose canola or sunflower oil over the more traditional coconut oil. These oils have less of the fats and cholesterol of coconut oil, or lack them entirely. If you use an oil other than coconut, be sure to clean your kettle regularly as the oil can build up and turn black over time. This won't look appealing to your customers and it won't make your popcorn taste as good as you know it can.
  • To sell more popcorn, have some hot and fresh even before the first customer lines up at your stand. The aroma itself will entice customers to you. Keep popping corn throughout the day ?the freshness is a good selling point.
  • You might also want to consider stocking drinks like bottled water and soda along with your popcorn. Popcorn makes people thirsty, and itís easy to increase your popcorn profits by adding drinks to your concession line-up.

Sell your popcorn in polybags, not boxes. Polybags keep your popcorn fresh ?the boxes let in air, which will turn your popcorn stale.

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