The Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Popcorn Machine
The Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Popcorn Machine

With the warm aroma wafting through the air, customers are inherently attracted to the classic popcorn machine. With a high-volume, high-quality popcorn machine, a concession stand taps into the American appeal of this delectable treat.

There is a large selection of commercial popcorn machines that range from a small to a large popping capacity. When choosing a commercial popcorn machine, it is important to understand the way that popcorn machines are categorized. A commercial grade popcorn machine is analyzed by the volume of popcorn that it creates during a single popping cycle. Since popcorn machines are categorized strictly by volume, it makes selecting a popcorn machine much simpler.

A Production Example of an 8 oz. Popcorn Machine

In order to better understand how a popcorn machine is categorized, let us consider an eight ounce popcorn machine. An eight ounce popcorn machine is capable of popping eight ounces of popcorn every three minutes.

One ounce of popcorn is considered to be an individual serving. If you were to use an eight ounce popcorn machine non-stop for one hour, then you would be able to pop 160 individual servings. This sounds like a tremendous amount of popcorn, but keep in mind that you will be serving the popcorn in different sizes. In fact, most of your sales will probably come from the larger sizes of popcorn.

When purchasing a popcorn machine, it is important to take into consideration the amount of popcorn that you expect to sell, the volume of foot traffic, and your budget. An important question to ask is can I afford to have someone pop the popcorn machine for one hour non-stop?? Your staffing and monetary requirements must be taken into consideration.

If you own a popcorn machine, your sales are typically maximized when the machine is used more frequently throughout the day, which means that you will need either one staff member or several to manage the equipment.

The Different Sizes of Popcorn Machines

A six ounce popcorn machine is a popular choice for a smaller location. This type of popcorn machine is put to best use when used at a business office, lounge, or even at home. A six ounce popcorn machine can produce six ounces of delicious, mouth-watering popcorn every three minutes. However, this size of equipment should not be used at a larger venue.

An eight ounce commercial popcorn machine is recommended for use at a school, fun center, sports bar, and other medium-sized venues. If you want a commercial popcorn

machine that can handle a large crowd at a theater, stadium, arena, fair or a carnival, then you want to choose the 12 ounce popcorn machine. The 12 ounce popcorn machine is the key to making top profits at a large venue ensuring that your maximum volume does not impede your potential customer sales.

Once you have ascertained the size of an event, it is easy to choose the right popcorn machine. Whichever type of popcorn machine you choose, it is guaranteed to be an appealing favorite that draws in both young and old customers. People of all ages love the taste of delicious, airy, buttery popcorn and you can increase your sales through this timeless appeal.

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