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Gold Medal Bubble Gum Ez Syrup Concentrate (case) 1017
Gold Medal Bubble Gum Ez Syrup Concentrate (case) 1017
Gold Medal Bubble Gum Ez Syrup Concentrate (case) 1017
Brand: Gold Medal Products
Product Code: GOLD-1017
Retail Price :$121.95
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Product Description
Ee-Zee Concentrates are by far the most popular product for making your own Sno-Kone or soft drink syrups. Convenient pre-measured pouches take all the guesswork from making syrup. Just add sugar and water - that's all there is to it.

You do not sacradice quality when you switch to Ee-Zee - the flavors are compounded by the same chemists that develop all other flavors. They know the problems in flavoring Sno-Kones, and they compound to give you top notch, full strength, richly colored syrups.

Ee-Zee concentrates may also be used as Slush Flavors. Each pre-measured pouch will flavor 5 gallons of slush.

This Product is Kosher certificated. -------------------------------------------------- This communiqué is to certify that this unit listed above produced by GOLD Medal Products Company, bearing the “CKK” or “Torah K” Kashrus symbol(s) is manufactured at the plant of “CHABAD Tri-State Kehilan Kosher Supervision” under strict supervision. This unit is Kosher and Pareve.


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